Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Love My iPad

Lately I have been receiving a lot of questions about why I love my iPad. Now this question is actually very important to me because of how much my iPad was. It's not one of those things you just buy, unless you are super loaded and can do that sort of thing. But as I am a student athlete, all my money goes towards Gatorade and food. Here is the process I took to buy my iPad:
1) The iPad 2 came out. I wanted to wait for the second version so all the kinks were gone.
2) Apple came out with the iPad Camera Kit Connection. I'd like to think of myself as a photographer, not a great one, but when you take more than 300 pictures a month, I believe that you have the right to call yourself that. With this kit, I could put my pictures straight to my iPad and photoshop them right there! How convenient!
3) My mom told me to compare it to the Kindle Fire. I couldn't put my pictures straight onto the Kindle and the iPad has a Kindle app... Nuff said.
4) Because of all the pictures I knew I was going to have on it, along with all the books, and music, I knew I needed a 32 gb. (If you don't think you need this much space, the 16gb iPad2 is on sale)
5) Merry Christmas to me. I got my iPad from Santa! (thanks mom and dad)

So after you have decided to buy the iPad there are some things that I think you really need:
1) Completely covered by Invisishield by Zagg. My mom is usually a big fan of the 2 dollar cover, but I swear by Zagg. I Zagg everything. No scratches ever! And if it gets a bubble, they'll redo it for you. Yes, it was expensive, but I believe that if you are paying this much for the iPad, it's worth it to save the screen. With that you should probably get a case... I got a Fossil Sleeve.

What I love the most about it is that I can carry credit cards, mail, and gum in it. And it matches my Fossil Satchel.
2) It has everything I need for school. My textbooks are on it which means my backpack is a lot lighter. Audio Note records my teacher for me while I take notes simultaneously. It's actually recording my teacher right now as I write this. TaDa!
3) My LDS scriptures are on it! Along with most manuals, every conference talk, every magazine issue, etc. I can tag, note, and link in them also. If you are interested in the LDS Church, visit our website!
4) FaceTime. My mom and dad also got iPads for Christmas which means even though I am 300 miles from home, I get to see their shining faces. Such a great and easy way to stay connected to the ones I love.

5) iBooks. Now I was one of those people who was extremely against reading books on an electronic device. Now I'd like to think I'm one of it's biggest advocates. I can read without hands! TaDa! I can eat my cereal and not have to hold down the pages. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with the smell of "real" books and how the pages feel but for when I need a rest for my arms, my iPad is my best friend.
I love my iPad and I highly suggest you get one. Already got an iPad? Tell me what you love or hate about it!
Mo Bridge


  1. I want one so bad! I love your cover for it! It is super cute!

  2. I love my iPad because: I can take it on vacations and download all my pictures (previously we carried a laptop around to download, this is so much lighter. I can download books to read and not take 3 books on vacation (I do have to share with Larry because he wants to read what I have on mine). I love that I can FaceTime my kids 6,000 miles away (and not worry about having a cell phone). And all the fun apps. And note taking (I have got to get a keyboard). And downloading Sports Illustrated. (OMHeck their app is the greatest!) And National Geographic. (I still don't think I will be able to throw away my magazine. I will just donate it to the DI and then buy it back.) LOVE YOU BABE!

  3. I love iPads too and really enjoyed your list. I wish everyone could have one. So many useful apps making lives easier and more enjoyable. But, to enjoy the greatness of an iPad, you may not be able to purchase one at that time. Especially for people with short-term needs, like vendors, caterers, presenters, party planners, or student. Fortunately, renting an iPad is possible. Check out out of Los Angeles. The iPads have great apps on them too!

  4. It’s nice that everyone in your family has an iPad of their own. It’s the same with my family. But of course, I didn’t stop from having just the iPad – I purchased accessories for it, such as the Smart Cover, the wireless keyboard, and portable speakers. ^.~ I just couldn’t get enough of Apple’s genius creations. LOL!

    Venus Eckert