Tuesday, March 27, 2012

World Book Night

World Book Night is less than one month away kids! What is World Book Night you ask? Well, I had the same question. After hearing about it (when I say hearing I actually mean that I was blog stalking while I should have been doing homework and found a post about it) I decided to check out their website. World Book Night is a night dedicated to spreading the love of reading. And since I obviously LOVE reading, I want to participate.

To be an actual participant I would have had to sign up like forever ago. Those who did sign up in time are being sent 20 copies of the same book. They are to hand all of them out on this night. They were able to choose the book they wanted to hand out from a list on the website.

There are some amazing books on this list. If I could have chosen one book off of the list to give out it would have to be The Book Thief. An amazing book that truly captures the lives of those affected by Nazi Germany.
My plan: Like I said, I want to participate, so here's what I am going to do. I am going to read The Book Thief again, and on World Book Night, which is April 23rd, I am going to give it away.
If you could give away any book off the list what would it be?
Let's all get involved and spread the love that comes from reading a great book.
Mo Bridge

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