Saturday, March 24, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Let's talk more Hunger Games. Finally saw the movie. Loved it, and let me tell you why. Here are my top 3 favorite things about the movie, and I will also tell you my top 3 not so favorite things.

1. Katniss- Jennifer Lawrence was perfect. She was kick-a but also very relatable. Katniss is portrayed as such a hard character, but she is always taking care of people, and that was shown. I also love that along with all the other people from District 12, Katniss looked very normal. Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, but regular. So is every everybody else at the reaping. I also enjoyed Jennifer Lawrence because of her past experience with Winter's Bone, I have not seen the movie (yet), but according to fun facts from IMDB, Lawrence had to learn to skin a squirrel for the part. I love her. And the last thing I love about her is the braid. Nuf said.
2. Peeta- When I first saw a picture of who they casted for Peeta, Josh Hutcherson, I was slightly disappointed, but then I heard him speak in the second trailer and was hooked. He was magnificent. You could definitely tell how much he loved her and I loved him for it (cave scene... yum). I also loved the relationship between Caesar Flickerman and him, brilliant, I could smell the roses.

3. Rue and Primm- their innocence made the movie. These two characters showed us the true evil of The Capitol. They are innocent children who are being killed and having to watch people be killed in a "game". Yes, I did cry when Rue dies, but that is not really saying anything because I was crying before the movie even started.

Not so favorite:
1. Not long enough- I mean come on, am I the only one who would have liked it to be between 5-8 hours long? I think not. I mean I have read these books so much that I feel like they are my best friends (yeah, my best friends come from a book, get over it), I would have loved to spend more time with them, I wanted more development out of every character. Thrush is my secret crush and I only got to spend 5 minutes with him. When I get ready in the morning I wish I had Katniss' prep team, but I never even got to see their relationship with her. Madge is a girl who I feel like I could get along with, but there wasn't even enough time to put her in the movie. The red-headed avox is the girl who I should've said hi to in high school and again, not enough time to even have her.

2. Lamb Stew- What I believe to be major part of the books.... Wasn't mentioned.
3. The second one is said to be releasing in November 2013. If I had anymore tears to cry, I would. Way too long kids, way too long.

So that's my opinion. Well most of it, there's a lot more things I could discuss, but I would like to hear from you! What did you like? Not like? What should they have done different? Let's hear it!

Mo Bridge


  1. I agree! I would have loved it to be longer. My friends were like "but it was already 2.5 hours long!" and then I decided THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE IT INTO A TV SERIES! Because then it would have lasted forever. But I loved the movie. I even cried when Cato died.

  2. I loved the movie but i feel like they needed to develop Peeta's and Katniss relationship better. The audience, unless you read the book wouldn't understand the whole "boy with the bread" and why Katniss felt indebted to Peeta throughout the whole first book. Katniss didn't save and protect Peeta because she loved him, she saved him because of her integrity and she didn't want to owe Peeta anything. I wish they showed how much Peeta actually loved Katniss, to a point that was unhealthy because of his willingness to die for her. I also dont like how they ended the movie, as a reader i was heartbroken when i finished Hunger Games because suzanne collins left both Peeta and Katniss feeling betrayed, broken, and alone.