Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Janet. Evanovich.

One of the biggest joys that comes from reading is when some good soul out in the world decides that a movie should be made about my favorite books. I enjoy it so much that I just don't watch the trailer for them approx 86.5 times, but I cry during them out of pure unexplainable happiness (someone should have taped my reaction to the second Hunger Games trailer, it was a very emotional moment).
I recently had the opportunity to go see the movie One For The Money based off the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie Plum, a girl from Jersey has lost her job and blackmails her cousin into giving her a job as a bounty hunter at his bonds office. Here are the top 10 reasons why I love this series.
1. There are 21 books in the series, so far, 18 main books and 3 in between the numbers. Who wouldn't love a series that never ends?
2. Sexy men. The main character Stephanie has to choose between 2 men, Morelli (a cop who she has had relations with since elementary school and is described to have movie star good looks... Yummy) and Ranger (the hardcore mysterious bounty hunter who  saves her butt on many occasions and calls her babe... Extra yummy).
3. Ranger gives her a gun and she keeps it in her cookie jar, not loaded.
4. My sister Sam and I have a slight obsession with collecting every book in the series via the Deseret Industries. $2 per book. That's what's up.
5. Lula. The ex 'ho who tags along with Stephanie on her jobs. Lula is a size 20 that squeezes into a size 2 spandex, most often leopard print. She also likes to shoot things and wear 6 inch heels.
6. Grandma Mazur. Stephanie's grandma has an obsession like everyone else in the Burg, where Sephanie's parents live, with funerals. Even if she does not know the deceased she will be there to see if it a closed casket or an open one, who else is there, and what refreshment will be served. If the casket is closed, she will force it open.
7. The books are set in Jersey. Nuff said.
8. The books are short and never cease to make me giggle through the entire thing.
9. Janet's (yes, I believe that we could be on a first name basis) picture on the back of the books. I love to send my family a picture of her picture and put a caption of what I think she would say. So nerdy.
10. The connection that comes when you meet another mega fan of the Plum Series. At the movie, there were 2 middle-aged men sitting behind me. Thinking they were there because their wives made them, it came as a surprise when after a scene one man turned to the other and said, "I told you they'd put that part in the movie." How happy is that?!
This is why I love the series, if you have read it please comment and let me know why you do!

 Mo Bridge

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  1. Alright, I went to the movie with Morgan, and well I have to be honest, I enjoyed the movie. For sure made for women but, well guys it's entertaining still.