Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ariana Trilogy

       At soccer practice yesterday a girl on my team asked me to pick my favorite book and she would read it. Even though my favorite book is The Lovely Bones, I decided to try and find one of my favorite books that she would like. This girl only reads non-fiction books that are mostly based off of the LDS Church. That's why I chose The Ariana Trilogy by Rachel Ann Nunes, for her to read. It is a trio of books about a girl who starts out struggling, finds the Church and still struggles. The difference from before she find the Mormon Church and after is that she understands why she is struggling and has amazing faith that she will be able to overcome her trials. 
        Here's the problem that occurred... As I was going to practice, book in hand, I decided that since I hadn't read them in over 3ish years, I was going to have to read it again before her so I can remember what happens and be able to discuss it with her, because that's one of the biggest reasons why I read, so I can enjoy it with other people. Sorry you have to wait Vanessa!
         So about the book, Amazon describes is like this...  Ariana: The Making of a Queen begins the story of an extraordinary young woman who struggles to find hope and meaning in the face of unimaginable suffering. In the second volume, Ariana: A Gift Most Precious, Ariana's faith is tested as she faces life-and-death consequences of past choices. And in Ariana: A New Beginning, Ariana discovers that her reliance on the Lord and her love for her family can make the dramatic difference between triumph and tragedy.
             Mo Bridge

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